Working Ritual within the Astrology Wheel

The Astrology Wheel creates for us our own personal ritual circle.

This circle is determined by our moment of birth.

The signs on the MC, IC, ASC and DSC are our compass points of North South, East and West.

Cast a circle around yourself standing in the centre of your chart. This position I call the Magicians Seat.

Your feet will mark the IC

The MC is at our head.

The ASC/ DSC is the East/West axis.

This can be a great grounding morning exercise.

In a standing position move your consciousness to your roots.

Say: I ground myself in my roots and I acknowledge my responsibility to walk the path I have chosen. Bring in the element of the sign of the IC and the mode of operating.

Create an affirmation for this.

The example I am using is Virgo

I embrace mother Earth (element) as my Source and from her ever changing manifestations (mode) I perfect my skills. (sign)

Move the energy up your central channel of your body to the MC the crown of the chart. Feel for your connection to the Universe. Bring in the element and mode of the sign that reflects your MC.

The example I am using is Pisces.

I stretch out to the immense void of possible consciousness.(mode) I offer my compassion and care (element) for those who walk the Earth Walk at this point in time. I travel through time(mode) trusting that each step I take is important to all that is. (Pisces)

Now the sideways flow which is quite different to working the vertical plane of the wheel. The ASC/DSC axis is East West.

Take the ASC and its sign

Say I present myself to this world by your sign, element and mode

The example I am using is Gemini.

I present my ideas to the world.(sign) My ideas are forever changing (mode) I offer stimulating conversation and ideas(element)to others.

Now to the DSC the point of relationship within our chart. Reaching out through this hand say I offer by sign, element and mode in my relationships to others.

The example I am using is Sagittarius.

I offer others the freedom to hold their visions and dreams (element) and recognise that dreams change (mode) as we walk together in time.

Conclude by balancing in the centre point of the body, around navel or above.

Blessed be

Extract from The Personal Planets by Lyndall McQuinn.

Lyndall is currently writing her third book entitled Ritualistic Astrology.

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