To Be a Tarot Reader

To Be a Tarot Reader

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Most people have no idea what a Tarot Reader does. There are many assumptions and judgements made about what the job description actually is. There is often an awkward pause when I tell people what my vocation is.

A Tarot Reader sits in an intimate seat in many people’s lives. She listens to the stories of life. Over time she sees a progression of life’s stages. She hears the uncensored version, not the story we are all supposed to be a part of, but the truth of what people are actually feeling and thinking. Her cards reflect the situations occurring in people’s life which unlocks the door for them to tell it like it is.

As a Tarot reader I find this to be a sacred place to sit in people’s lives. It is an honour to work with people to construct the directions they want life to go. To read is to provide a space of privacy and sharing and a setting where deep connection to other develops. A place where all truth is allowed to stand, a space where no one has to believe anything other than what they know is correct for them.

Once the reader and client sit in a space of truth and trust, issues of concern can then be altered. Life is not pre destined, it is created. We are the artists but to begin a masterpiece we must first look closely at each of the pieces. We must look from a perspective of what is right for each person, not what is right by external value systems.

A Tarot reader hears the stories again and again. She sees human process emerge and evolve over time. She sees the thinking changing and is a part of changing the thinking. Often she is challenged on her own beliefs, in fact to read is to really hold a perspective that all realities exist if they are held strongly enough in someone’s psyche.

This is a silent vocation, a place of secrets and pondering of many of life’s problems. The seer listens and watches and opens doorways with her cards. She plots pathways and the images of her cards become her greatest friends because they hold the answers too many issues. There are no set answers to walk any of life’s pathways but there is a path for everyone to walk in their own special way.


With love and blessings


Lyndall McQuinn ©April  2011


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