The Zodiac as an Energy Matrix



 There are twelve basic raw energies in the signs which make up the zodiac.  Each of which has an elemental flow and a mode or way the energy expresses.  There are four possible elements and three ways of movement.
Thus 4 elements x 3 modes=12 basic sign structures.

The four elemental flows are:


This realm sets us in the physical. It concentrates on our physical bodies and how to keep them healthy. The concerns of how to survive in society and the provision of our physical needs are earth based. Earth issues draw on our responsibilities and our role in the communities we live in. This is where we manifest our existence.


The fire realm deals with creating and interacting with others and within us.

This element is sexual by nature and drives us to our sources of passion and inspiration.  Fire’s challenge centers on our use of will and our expression of instinctual drives in their creative and destructive phases.  The fire element consumes, driving forcefully before it burns out or recreates into a new form.


Elemental air vibrates in our minds and thoughts.  What we think and how to communicate our wisdom are its mysteries.  The secret to mastery of this element is breath; the use of breath to order our thoughts and discipline the activity of the mind. Speaking and communicating clearly to others also draws from the air component within us.  Our perspectives on life and philosophies of living are formulated in this element.  How we think is like the wind, from gentle breeze to blowing gales.


This realm centers on our feelings, intuition and imagination. Usually these energies are nebulous and difficult to hold in focus. How we feel, like water has ebbs and flows that are changing constantly.  Our truths form in feelings or visual images that hold briefly then alter. To know this element is to allow emotions to bubble to the surface and to trust the visionary qualities of our imagination and dreams.

Our lives flit in and out these elemental flows.  We experience them during our days in all our functions.  Dealing with finances is an earthly matter; our conversations draw from air, all we feel is water and we act from fire.  Our whole existence is the dance of these elements within us.  They are not static but constantly flowing from one to the other.



                                              Fire ARIES     LEO     SAGITTARIUS
       Earth TAURUS    VIRGO     CAPRICORN  
       Air GEMINI    LIBRA      AQUARIUS  
       Water CANCER    SCORPIO    PISCES   




The way energy expresses is threefold; these modes are termed, cardinal, fixed and mutable.

CARDINAL energy begins with a central core. From this core energy radiates outwards. A person expressing energy in a cardinal mode is focused on impact and the change that can be created within the environment. The energy of self is held in a body centre and through actions and the reciprocal energies flowing back, determines the changing definitions of self. The life themes of people expressing cardinally are often about controlling themselves and others by their actions and their willfulness.

FIXED energy works in reverse. There is a central energy core. This time energy draws inward to the core. The experiences of life are met and energy is contracted back into the individual. Working in this mode the personal presence is dense, and strong because these people become literally a vessel to hold energy.  Whatever is valued as a definition of self is embodied and held within; others, coming into contact with people expressing in this mode, feel and sense the essence of who they are.  This energy storage often creates conflicts involving power, worship or dictatorial stances.

MUTABLE energy has a central core but energy doesn’t build up in it.  Rather the energy moves around this centre in a swirling type of pattern.  A thought, action or emotion begins as a seed then swirls and whirls around gathering momentum, spiraling onwards and upwards or downwards depending on the mental state of the person. The tendency here is to expand and expand, the difficulty being to ground, focus and maintain a sense of central core. Energy begins as a small seed, fans out to maximum expansion then collapses, usually into exhaustion.

 As with the elemental flow we are not limited to expressing our energy in one mode.  We can shift our ways of expressing according to what effects we are trying to achieve.  Particular modes and elements will be most comfortable to us because they are our natal prevalence, however we can consciously choose to explore different modes of operating if we understand how energy moves







If we study the twelve astrological energies we can see they break down into groups of elements and modes.  This breakdown is what gives each sign its individuality as well as its commonality to other signs.


The fire signs speak of will, earth of form, air of thought and water of feelings.

The energy within the cardinal signs moves outwards, in the fixed signs it moves inwards and with the mutable signs it spirals.

However there is only one sign that has

cardinal movement and fire element = Aries

cardinal movement and water element = Cancer

cardinal movement and air element = Libra

cardinal movement and earth element = Capricorn

fixed movement and earth element = Taurus

fixed movement and fire element = Leo

fixed movement and water element =  Scorpio

fixed movement and air element = Aquarius

mutable movement and air element =-Gemini

mutable movement and earth element =  Virgo

mutable movement and fire element =Sagittarius

mutable movement and water element = Pisces

Even though it is very simple, it can take a moment to understand the uniqueness of every sign, and once you’ve grasped that, you will understand the commonality that each sign has with the other signs.

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