The Crosses in the Chart

The Crosses in the Chart.

There are three crosses in the astrology chart. The cardinal, fixed and mutable crosses.


In the Astrological model the Cardinal Cross relates to houses one, four, seven and ten.

These doorways are based on the Solstices and Equinoxes and are termed the Angular Houses.

Aries doorway at March Equinox marks the beginning of the zodiac journey for the year.

This equinox often coincides with Easter. Rebirth is a feature of the rituals here. When we discuss ritual we always bump into the hemisphere issue. If we are working to seasonality then the written rituals for given seasons are reversed in the hemispheres.

At the Equinox we have equal light, equal day and equal night; the sun is at the Equator.

Libra doorway is at the September Equinox and is similar to March, depending on hemisphere because both these times represent the equal light. The rituals are either rebirth where there is a celebration to have survived winters long dark hours or harvest /thanksgiving orientated, where we prepare for the inner time ahead. Once this preparation, especially regarding food would have been a need for survival, now it’s a thanksgiving for a year passing.

Cancer’s doorway at the Solstice marks either longest or shortest day depending on hemisphere. Cancer the mother’s sign is believed to be the point of birth and death, the doorway of entry into the physical plane.

Capricorn doorway is the other Solstice, which is certainly a powerful doorway with Christmas, Mid Summers Eve all celebrated around this time. The summer rituals are celebratory, out- door and full of energy whilst the winter ritual takes us within and soul searching, telling the inner stories either to ourselves or to others.

The Sun’s entry into each of these signs corresponds exactly to the Solstices and Equinoxes. These rituals mark the four seasons that describe the Earth’s yearly process; in the reawakening of spring, the fullness and heat of summers, the harvests of autumns and the deep sleep and cold of winters.

These doorways are very physical; they reflect the human experience on planet Earth.  The focus is the Earth plane, here I stand on the Earth and this is what I build.

In the Astrology model the year of the zodiac begins with the Equinox on March 20/21 when the Sun enters Aries in the first house or ASC.

The solstice of June 20 begins when the Sun enters Cancer and in the model enters the fourth house or crosses the IC

The Libra Equinox on September 22/23 marks the beginning of the seventh house or DSC.

The final solstice on December 21/22 marks the tenth house/MC.

These are very cardinal ritual cycles and are action orientated. We could use these ritual times for personal ritual. Aries/ASC ritual for rebirth of self

Cancer/IC ritual for family

Libra/DSC ritual for relationship

Capricorn/MC ritual for direction

This could well be a plan of rituals for your year. Use these power times to honour these aspects of your life throughout the year.

Your charts don’t reflect the model. Some will, those with an Aries Ascendant but only those.  Houses one, four seven and ten will be the Angular houses in your chart but they may not have cardinal signs on them.

In your chart the cardinal cross will be situated throughout the houses that have the four cardinal signs on the cusps of the houses.  Remember the cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. These will be the houses where you push out to the world. The houses where you look for reaction to create change, which in turn helps you, define self. They are warrior come fighter houses.


Returning to the Astrological model, this cross relates to houses two, five, eight and eleven and the fixed signs. The fixed rituals realign the individual to the planet as an energy source. As below; so within.

The Earth is centered by a hot molten core that holds energy in a fiery ball; the fixed doorways also draw energy to and from a central core. By performing the fixed rituals we align to our personal central core and the planet’s central core. These rituals symbolise the seasons, as do the cardinal rituals, however they add the spirit of being human to them. Most practitioners in the Southern Hemisphere reverse these rituals as they do the cardinal rituals, however I find it hard to just swop these rituals over because I don’t believe it’s that simple. We are ritualising old doorways and the symbols of those doorways are more important than a simple swopping of dates. I see them as ritual periods based on their astrological energies. I find these rituals are tapped into a depth of old wisdom which corresponds to the astrological feel of the energy available for use at these dates.  I have given here Northern Hemisphere dates.

Doorways of Taurus and Scorpio mark Beltane and  Samheine/Halloween. These rituals deal with the psychic union of the individual via sexuality and death.

May Eve and May 1 :Beltane is a symbol of the young hunter overcoming the Great Stag and returning victoriously to the tribe to mate with the May Queen.  The union between two young people was termed the Great Rite in which the Goddess and the God brought fertility to the land. This ritual befits either Taurus or Scorpio exploring themes of initiation, sexual union and triumphing over death.

Oct 31:Halloween/ Samhaine is the time when the veils between the Otherworld and our world is at its thinnest and is thought to be the best time to attract and contact those who have gone before us. This ritual is particularly Scorpionic, I find it hard to translate this across to Southern Hemisphere which would make it a Taurean ritual. In fact I don’t bother with seasonality in my fixed rituals I use pure astrology elemental ritual. This is a time of dreams and visions and contacting other realms. Taurus is too earthy to reach these levels

Doorway of Leo marks Lammas/ Lughnasadh. This doorway evaluates that which is still to be harvested, appraising that which has been creative and useful and sharing of poetry, songs or stories. It is a gathering together of people to share.

Doorway of Aquarius also mark Candlemas/ Imbolc, the return of Goddess, Lady in White from the Underworld of winter.[1] It symbolises the turning of the winter toward spring in the Northern hemisphere. This is a time of giving thanks for the emergence of new beginnings and nature’s first signals of life returning. Rituals at this time are often about purification and fasting and initiation. In some ways the Southern Hemisphere also returns to work or to begin the New Year after our summer breaks. Often we are feeling well and healthy.

These rituals don’t mark the beginning of the Sun’s entry into the fixed signs, they fall when the Sun is about 7 – 12° into the journey in the fixed signs. These rituals are the ancient earth rituals whereas the cardinal rituals are solar rituals.

If you take the Astrological model again we see that the second house refers to our security and money, the fifth house our creativity including children, the eighth is our sexuality and death connections and the eleventh our aspirations and friendships.

We could use the fixed rituals for

Taurus – security and financial ritual, which in a strange way fits the abundance of harvests and the lands.

Leo – for creativity and creating

Scorpio -for sexuality and death

Aquarius -for celebrating friends and aspiring to future.

Where the fixed cross is in your chart there will be stability. In these houses we resist change. It may not be on the houses of the model. Look for the houses which begin with Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius.


The Mutable doorways are the furthermost from the Earthly realms. They are about surrendering the boundaries of the Earth plane and journeying beyond to places thought to be unearthly. At present there are no mutable rituals.

The Mutable rituals take us off planet. This is where we deal with all the energetic forms; the energies emanating from the Earth but also the energies connecting Earth with other beings, for example planets, stars, galaxies. This is a fast swirling type of field to enter into.

In the Astrological model the mutable signs rule the houses three, six nine and twelve and are associated with the signs that offer the least stability and unpredictability. House three and nine are both houses about education. House three puts us in community and associates us with our early education whilst house nine takes us to University or the world stage for our learning, add laws and our education is complete.

Houses six and twelve tell us much about our physical health be it consciously in the sixth or unconsciously in the twelfth. Being in physical bodies and expanding into a myriad of mental realities is the journey between these two houses.

Doorway of Gemini is the broadening of the mind processes, stretching further and further like lifting the roof off the heavens. Sending thought, not as word but as shafts of light out through the cosmos. Gemini word becomes sound, becomes light and journeys in pure consciousness to galactic realms.

Doorway of Virgo becomes knowledge of craft, the reinventing of the rituals and the processes needed to heal and rejuvenate the energetic patterns of living entities that are forever changing, for example evolutionary patterning so life form may evolve.

Doorway of Sagittarius seeks the wandering vision to realign individuals with spiritual purpose, be it planetary or galactic. Sagittarius always seeks beliefs, the mental evolution of life on the planet.

Doorway of Pisces is the timelessness and void of forever. Pisces is the most complex of all Astrological energies as it is the last sign in the yearly wheel so it contains a piece of every sign. Therefore, in purest form it is oneness; existence is emptiness or the pure mystic.

I don’t know if the mutable rituals have never been written for these times or are just forgotten. Do we need to do more ritual? If we practice the cardinal rituals and the fixed rituals we would have a very full ritual calendar each year. Maybe during the mutable months we need to rest and reorganize.

The mutable cross in your chart tells you where you scatter energies and feel as if you are ever changing.

[1] I always find it tricky fitting the symbol of the rituals between hemispheres. I believe what is important is the energy gateways that these periods mark. They are definitely great ritual times. I reduce them to purely astrological energy.

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