Illustrated by Will Worthington
Tarot Book by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm

Fantastic big cards, with vibrant earthy illustrations. This deck grounds us in the way of the Druids. Both artist and authors are practioneers of this craft so this deck holds the Druidry pathworkings.

The Major Arcana is set out in three groups of seven and is viewed as three initiation steps into Druidary. The section of the Inner Mysteries in the The Druid Craft Tarot is also informative and well set out. There are a few changes to the traditional images. Emperor is Lord, Empress is Lady, Devil is Cerrunus and Judgement is Rebirth.

The aces of the Minor Arcana are some of the most powerful images of Beginnings I have seen in any Tarot. The journey through the Minor Arcana is delightful with wonderful characters, especially the male element. This too is a difference with this Tarot. Often we have beautiful womyn figures but in this deck the strength of the male is so apparent.
The court cards are striking and individual, beautiful strong characters.

This is a deck put together by people who know and love their subject. It is always exciting to work with decks that have such strength and vibrance.

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