New Course:

Tarot Quest is a four part journey which takes the Tarot Seeker to the heart of self to open the creator and become the dreamer. This journey examines and uses four differing Tarot Spreads to unfold a process of creating. From self to creation.

It begins with Merlin’s Mirror from the Hallowquest. This is a deeply introspective reading. It challenges us to view ourselves from three different perspectives.

The Four Seasons Spread based on the eight major sabbats of the Wiccan year allows us to study issues from seed to completion.

The Ninefold Muse Spread, also from the Hallowquest, invokes assistance from many of the Ladies of the Lake.

Finally we conclude with the astrological Horoscope Spread to bring our focus into the Now. This is a spread that offers great clarity.

This journey is one on one either by Skype or in Daylesford. It can be done at any time allocated and runs over a period of four weeks. There is no set Tarot Deck.

Cost is $200.

Sessions are one hour induration.

Knowledge of card meanings is required.





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