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Tarot as my Companion  : Beginning to Read

There is no greater friend to rely on than your trusted decks of Tarot Cards. In its beautiful imagery, as defined by the artist, Tarot reflects to us the state of our inner being. The Tarot if instructed clearly will always tell us the truth. This truth is not an ultimate truth; it is a tangible truth, projected from our hearts at any precise moment. This advice guides us through process after process.

Time is required to build relationship to a Tarot Deck. This is so for every new deck you begin to work with. It is an idea to select a “guider” card with the opening ritual of each new deck. This card signifies the particular energy the deck will reflect to you as its reader. Often this card is a Court card which gives a character and element to view the deck from. The opening ritual for each deck is important to make contact with the guidance associated with that deck.

The Tarot talks in her own way to each reader. Be aware of hearing how the Tarot wants to talk to you. It is easy to override her due to your own need to be in control, or because it has to be right by someone else before it can be right by you. One of the longest lessons to learn is to back your own interpretations. They will feel “right”. Once you can put your own wisdom first you know you have formed a connected relationship to your deck.

Reading is like telling a story. One card flows into the next, a story unfolds. This is why it is good to walk and talk your Tarot reading. Don’t stop at the block, keep it fluid and create a movement in the story. The block is in you and if you stop, you stick and reach for an external aid. Tarot resides in your inner world, by creating a story as reflected in the cards we can then re-read it and reflect upon it. It shows us how the story unfolds from our inner world.

There are times when readings make no sense. Allow yourself time to see what the Tarot is trying to say. In these situations you can leave the reading sit for awhile and let your external world present situations.  If it remains unclear then pull extra cards to clarify the aspect of the reading you can’t comprehend. You can also just pack up the cards and release the meaning to the Universe. It may come back to you via some other medium, like a dream.

The Tarot is magic. Its insight is often so profound. It takes time to connect to the energy of any deck and time for the reader to trust that what she hears is truth. Truth is not static, truth unfolds like the story. When we are dealing with inner processes what was true yesterday does not automatically stand today. This is the realm of the Tarot. What is reflected in the inner world today helps us make decisions about our external world tomorrow.

Lyndall McQuinn © 2011 

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