From the brilliant work of John and Caitlin Mathews Hallowquest comes the Tarot spread of Merlins Mirror.

  This workshop will explore the placements within this extremely enlightening spread which focuses on personal direction. I am so enjoying this spread. I find its depth empowering. I love the way it is set out and the  three sections are illuminating. The deck I am working with  is the Druid Craft Deck.

By combining the study of this deck and the Hallowquest the shamanic realm of  Tarot has emerged for me inspiring me to teach in new ways.   This new understanding of Tarot will begin on Aug 18th 2011 with the workshop Major Arcana. The journey travelled in this workshop will begin with viewing the major arcana as a life path which is how I have always taught it. Then by grouping we will explore how the major arcana represents the three worlds of the shaman. The animal kingdom familiars who walk with us will be discussed in relation to the major arcana. I can’t wait to share this perspective and I thank the Druid Craft work by Phillip and Stephanie Carr-Gorman for opening it for me.

Following on from this workshop, I will present a second workshop using a spread from the Hallowquest by John and Caitlin Mathews. Merlins Mirror is a wonderful spread.  Its three components reflect three very different views of self.  Although this reading may be best for those seeking personal understanding, it is a spread which can be studied over and over.      

7-9pm  Cost $75

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