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Tarot as my Companion  : Beginning to Read There is no greater friend to rely on than your trusted decks of Tarot Cards. In its beautiful imagery, as defined by the artist, Tarot reflects to us the state of our inner being. The Tarot if instructed clearly will always tell us the truth. This truth […]


DRUID CRAFT TAROT- England 2004 Illustrated by Will Worthington Tarot Book by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm Fantastic big cards, with vibrant earthy illustrations. This deck grounds us in the way of the Druids. Both artist and authors are practioneers of this craft so this deck holds the Druidry pathworkings. The Major Arcana is set out […]

The Magic of Tarot

THE MAGIC OF TAROT-Beginning to Read. by Lyndall McQuinn Lyndall has just completed her book on Tarot. This book is about learning to read Tarot . It is based on a seven unit course which Lyndall teaches and is a step by step approach to reading Tarot. FROM MAGIC OF TAROT -BEGINNING TO READ, In […]

new tarot decks

I have just purchased two new tarot decks. One is the Arthurain deck and the other is the Mystic Faerie Tarot  THE ARTHURIAN TAROT – ENGLAND 1990 Designed by Caitlin and John Matthews Illustrated by Miranda Gray This is another deck created by masters. Caitlin and John Matthews have studied, taught and written about British […]

tarot cards

Lyndall has added to her beautiful space in Daylesford a selection of Tarot cards both new and used for sale. Lyndall has been involved with Tarot since she was a child using playing cards  to begin with. She  has loved the art and knowledge they impart. As an adjunct to Lyndall’s Tarot teaching she decided to add a […]

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