shamanism 2018

shamanism 2018

SHAMANISM COURSES 2018: Shamanism is a journey that explores the inner concepts of mind spaces. The shaman explores many levels of reality and makes no judgements about any of them. They exist in that moment. What the mind perceives is a reality for the shaman. However there is also the awareness that all situations are […]

Shaman Course 1

Shaman Course 1 – Outline Class 1: Experiencing the Divine. What do you believe? Finding Source Importance of symbol, word and movement. Class 2: Appreciation of Life True nature of soul- talents, gifts Finding meaning and passion Class 3: Dealing with negativity. Receiving love and healing Receiving blessings from the divine Class 4: Creating sacred […]

Shamanic Astrology Course

Shamanic Astrology – Course Outline Class 1: Using the Astrology Wheel as a Ritual Wheel. Identifying directions Working with the angles of the chart Learning how to use the elements and modes of your personal wheel Class 2: Sun as an Earth Walk Looking at the six Earth Walks of Astrology Creating ritual and altars […]

Shamanism Inner Terrain Course

Shamanism – Getting to know the Inner Terrain Class 1: Alignment To energy source Review shamanism and intention To situations you choose to interact with Class 2: Journeying Develop the ability to see Introduction to the three worlds  –  lower, middle and upper Establish inner sanctuary Class 3: Journeying – lower world Exploring lower world […]

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