I have gift vouchers available if you would like to give your friend a reading for Christmas. I have also just got in two beautiful new Tarot decks : Mystic Dreamer Tarot- and book The Dreamers Journal. Focuses on both night dreams and future dreaming. Another great text by Barbara Moore and illustrated by Heidi […]

new tarot decks

I have just purchased two new tarot decks. One is the Arthurain deck and the other is the Mystic Faerie Tarot  THE ARTHURIAN TAROT – ENGLAND 1990 Designed by Caitlin and John Matthews Illustrated by Miranda Gray This is another deck created by masters. Caitlin and John Matthews have studied, taught and written about British […]

tarot cards

Lyndall has added to her beautiful space in Daylesford a selection of Tarot cards both new and used for sale. Lyndall has been involved with Tarot since she was a child using playing cards  to begin with. She  has loved the art and knowledge they impart. As an adjunct to Lyndall’s Tarot teaching she decided to add a […]

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