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  • UNIT 1: The Zodiac As an Energy Matrix
    The zodiac signs are the veils through which we express our energy. They are the basic structures of astrological energy and how it moves towards manifestation. A true magician stands in the middle of this matrix and directs the energetic flow applicable to any given situation.
  • UNIT 2: The Wheel of Life
    Through the wheel, a magician knows the stages she has set to perform the magic of her life. She knows which windows the energies of heaven will shine through and where her greatest challenges will come from. She can watch the passing of the year’s energetic patterns and understand there is a map to help her unfold the journey.
  • UNIT 3: Veils and Doorways
    To work within a Magician’s wheel, we must first understand what energy is available to us so we can unlock each doorway. Every sign on a house cusp tells us which veil to pass through. The realities that are presented beyond the veils are the doorways to a stage of human experience. We all live upon this stage even though through time the story lines alter.
  • UNIT 4: Sun Signs
    The Sun’s journey is the heart’s journey pulsing with purpose. The heart beat of the magician is from one heart felt purpose to the next. Why am I here if not to walk my heart? Love, fulfillment and creation are the beat of this drum.
  • UNIT 5: The Astrological Moon
    The movement of the Moon is the closest heavenly dance to us. She entwines around the Earth as they move together around the Sun. From ancient times she has been the first of the astrological planets to be observed. Through time we have projected our feeling natures upon Her cycles and phases. In her pathways we understand a part of the mysteries of our own psyches.
  • UNIT 6: The Lunar Cycles
    Nature gives us energetic doorways to tap into quite regularly. These do not only involve the Moon; there are the well-known solstices /equinoxes and many other planetary phenomenon’s creating powerful interplay with the Earth’s vibratory currents. By learning how to consciously work these doorways, as many before us have done, may we not only as individuals but globally learn to walk in peace and grace upon the Earth.
  • UNIT 7: Movement of Loving
    There is nothing more magical in the world than love. Then why can’t we get it right? Love is a creative force that binds people to each other, create new beings and so often destroys the very beauty of what was created. There seems to be an urge within to keep rekindling the flame of passion on a search for a unity that is unreachable.
  • UNIT 8: Mercury – Power of the Mind
    A tiny planet encompassing a huge symbology. How can one so small embody the complexes of the human mind. All that one thinks, learns and says is consumed by the movement of Mercury. This trickster magician represents one of humanities greatest mysteries.
  • UNIT 9: In Search of the Feminine
    May we one day be free to be the beauty of the womyn that we are. May we clear the heavy load of imagery bestowed upon us by centuries of violence and fear towards us and the commercial abuse of our bodies.
  • UNIT 10: The Breath of the Dragon
    Let’s approach the dragon, sleeping in his lair. It is with fear and trepidation I probe the sanctuary of masculinity. The boundaries of gender are being blown wide open in this age we are living in. This treatise digs among the jewels that lie buried in the dragon’s nest.

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Lyndall McQuinn.

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