Personal Planets

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In The Personal Planets I have reopened the possibility of understanding how the Personal Planets make up our basic personality imprint. I often think our knowledge of this part of Astrology is skipped over too quickly.

These planets give us the basic structure of

  • The heart and soul of who we are
  • How we feel about everything
  • The mind and how it functions
  • What it is we desire in life and
  • How do we approach achieving these goals

The issues and discussion held within these planets is not lightweight or something to be skipped over quickly. Instead each one can take many hours of work to bring them fully into awareness.

We need to understand; how does each one want to function, in spite of any outer planet hanging on the end of it.

This is the realm that The Personal Planets delves in. The exercises that are used in this book are devised for your own self discovery.

I view the personal energetic pattern that we are born into as a puppet. We are the puppeteers of our own patterns. The more we understand about each individual energetic thread the more flexibility we have in its usage .

I do hope you enjoy the exploration that this text offers you. I intend to reopen very old Knowledge. I believe it is time to rethink the basics.

Please Read the Table of Contents of Personal Planets

May you love the reflective world of Astrology as I do.

Blessed be
Lyndall McQuinn.

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