new tarot decks

I have just purchased two new tarot decks. One is the Arthurain deck and the other is the Mystic Faerie Tarot 


Designed by Caitlin and John Matthews

Illustrated by Miranda Gray

This is another deck created by masters. Caitlin and John Matthews have studied, taught and written about British and Irish mythology for many years. They are experts in the King Arthur Legend creating many rituals to honour these ancestral ways.

The deck itself is a visit to the world of Arthur. All our favourites are in the major arcane, Merlin, The Lady of the Lake and Guinevere to name a few. It really is a major arcane that calls out to be worked with. Even though the images stray from tradition, for example temperance is the Cauldron and the devil is The Green Man the booklet written by the Matthews is excellent to guide the reader to understanding. It has meanings, an oracle and questions for every major card.

The minor arcane is made up of spears- wands, grails-cups, swords and stones are the pentacles. These are beautifully illustrated and take us through the landscapes of the time of Arthur. Castles and moors, forests and caves lead us through this journey.

 The court cards are perhaps the least approachable of this deck. They seem a bit static and distant. The oracle section of the text helps make up for the lack of approach sensed in the cards.

This is a great deck to work with past lives. I sometimes find when trying to heal various symptoms, images or memories from certain times emerge. I now stock two decks for this past imagery work. One is the Arthurian and the other is the Atlantis Tarot.  




 This is a beautiful tarot set for all ages. From a small child to adult faerie lovers this deck will speak to them. It comes packages in a faerie box with book and cards and  golden organza bag. The cards have a beginning and closing card of a faerie greeting and a faerie farewell.

Barbara Moore has written a beautiful text to accompany the amazing artwork of Linda Ravenscroft.  What a team they make in presenting a deck that is so friendly and enjoyable.

This tarot is like a storybook, one which could be picked up at any starting point and immediately takes us into a Faerie Land. It takes me back to my childhood when I so wished I could be in a faerie land.

I don’t even want to break this tarot up into its parts. It is such a whole realm of faerie philosophy. From its Once upon a time of the Aces,  to its Moral  and messages of the card interpretations  to its deity type presentation of the majors. Anywhere you begin it’s a treat for those who love the fantasy of the Fae.

I congratulate the team work of these two womyn. It is rare to find such a complete package Tarot. This is a wonderful deck for children but is no less wonderful for the adult as well.

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