The Ancestor from the Wildwood  Tarot artwork  by Will Worthington. I love every one of Will Worthington’s decks. They speak so loudly to the reader.

My new Tarot decks are arriving for Christmas. I have more copies of the Wildwood Tarot, a beautiful Shamanic deck with incredibly powerful images for us to work with. This deck usually calls very strongly to its owner and is a delight to use. The comprehensive workbook by Mark Ryan and John Mathews is also a fabulous companion to the deck.

I have a newcomer deck to me: Tarot of the Hidden Realm with art by Julia Jeffreys and accompanying book by Barbara Moore. This is a very strong character deck, all the cards are depicting portrait type images of various characters,except for the Aces which are depicted by animals. It is a deck of beautiful tones and yes all the characters do feel as if they are in the forest/faery realms. The images are very youthful  from child to kings and at times I feel Barbara Moore has to stretch her definitions to account for this.

I have also have another copy of the beautiful Illuminati Tarot by Erik C Dunne. illuminaticards

All rights reserved  Lo Scarabeo – Italy.

All of these decks are available from Lyndall at 39 Albert St Daylesford or just call 0428 425 923.

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