This book is my sister book to The Personal Planets. Once we have a thorough knowledge of how the personal planets function in our charts we can then study the impact of the outer planets on their energetic flow.

The outer planets open three areas of study.

  • The outer planets in a natal chart color the flow of the energy within the chart. They create what I have termed energetic circuits. An energetic circuit is any group of planets connected to each other by close degrees. These planets do not operate in isolation. They operate within a system. If one of them is triggered then so will be the entire circuit.
  • Certain groups of outer planets are connected at given periods of time. Most charts will have a circuit of outer planets before we even look for the contact to the personals planets. These connections of outer planets to themselves tell us the generational factor operating within a chart. It can be interesting to analyse the generational factor separately. What are a group of individuals trying to bring to the planet in any given epoch? The personal planets will them explain the individual response to that era.
  • Astrology is a giant clock of historical energy patterns. It never ceases to move and breathe. The impact of the outer planets on the individual energy pattern at any moment tells us what part of our natal journey we are waiting to unfold. This field of Astrology is termed transits. It guides us to open aspects of our psyches and tells us when we are ready to absorb various life lessons.

As in the first book, The Personal Planets, this book also has the assumption of a geocentric focus. Astrology is geocentric. We are viewing the heavens from Earth not the Sun. Astronomically we know this is not correct but our ancient fore-parents created astrology from an Earth based consciousness.

In my work as an Astrologer I move the position of the Earth to the centre of the wheel as opposed to the point opposite the Sun. This placement I term the Magicians Seat.

By making this adjustment there is a tendency to step inside the wheel. It encourages us to take responsibility for the energy pattern that we are operating.  We can pick up the threads of energy from each planet and by raising our consciousness we can direct the flow of the energy. We become aware of how our personal energy fields operate.

Modern Astrology views our Astrology charts externally as if we are distanced to them. We look and speak from outside the wheel. In this text I ask you to step inside the wheel. Be in the centre of the chart and centered in yourself. This is the placement of balance.

When working with the outer planets I like to use the concept of an energy circuit. In using this concept you can take any of the outer planets and draw the energetic connection it has to any other planet in the chart. Personally I keep the orbs tight. The closer the planets are by degrees the more impact they will have on each other. This can be done in two ways.

Method A:

Follows the tradition of drawing in the aspects across the Astrology wheel .




Method B:

Uses the Magician’s Seat and draws the energy lines out from the centre. This places the chart user in the middle of the chart. By stepping into the chart centre we can take charge of the energy pattern. The centre point is the point of balance in a chart. It is Earths position. Astrology is Earth centered. The view of the chart is as if the planets are rotating around the Earth. I call this placement the Magician’s Seat.

By using energy circuits the reader becomes very clear on what energies are involved with any particular planet. Often when we study our charts for a period of years we get stuck in the places that are particularly troublesome and don’t think outside of them.

How often do you hear comments like “That’s my Saturn stuff” or “My Pluto opposite Venus is responsible for that.” This type of thinking gives us a limited view of what is actually going on. By creating the energy circuit connected with each outer planet we can see how extensive an input that planet actually has to our chart.

In any given chart there are usually two or three major circuits. Where they contact the personal planets tells us which facet of the basic personality pattern is affected.

I have found working within astrological charts from this perspective to create profound changes in people’s awareness of themselves and their charts.


© Lyndall McQuinn


Introduction to Outer Planets                                                                     3

Unit 1:  Law and Order- Jupiter and Saturn                                           9

Unit 2: Healing Insights- Chiron and Uranus                                   26

Unit 3: Shadows and Illusions- Pluto and Neptune                          46

Astrological Circuits                                                                                   68

Generational Circuits                                                                                  72

Outer Planets and their cycles                                                                  74




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