New Course: Tarot and the Astrology Houses

This new course by Lyndall thoroughly examines the Astrological Houses using the Horoscope Tarot Spread.

Participants will study the houses in the categories of Angular, Succedant and Cadent.

Each of the houses will be broken down into an in-depth analysis of what is contained within them. Using the cards in a reading format for each house this course will study your approach to each section of the Astrological wheel. As with all Lyndall’s work this is a process orientated approach to Tarot where the student will be learning on three differing levels.

Astrologically: they will learn what each house contains and the meaning of three groupings of houses.

Tarot: they will study  how to read the cards from an astrological perspective and practice their reading skills learning where the information people may ask about is located.

Personal Development: the students will be looking at their own issues with regard the houses we are studying.

A great course that runs over six weeks.

For details contact Lyndall 0428 425 923 or from this website.

Many blessings

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