The Magic of Tarot

THE MAGIC OF TAROT-Beginning to Read. by Lyndall McQuinn

Lyndall has just completed her book on Tarot. This book is about learning to read Tarot . It is based on a seven unit course which Lyndall teaches and is a step by step approach to reading Tarot.

In this course I have set out many exercises to unlock the Tarot’s mystery. The Tarot talks in her own way to each reader.
Be aware of hearing how she wants to talk to you and don’t override her due to your own need to be in control or because you think it has to be right by someone else for it to be right for you.

Take the time to create your relationship with these cards. If you are open they will find a way to talk to you. You can’t teach the magic of Tarot you can only create opportunities for the Tarot to reveal itself to you.

If a card says something to you then this is what stands. If a particular book hasn’t got that concept, then note your interpretation. Test it, see if when that card comes up for you, the concept stands.

As you become able to read more cards you can begin to look at the type of reading layouts you may want to use. This too takes time. You are better off doing a three card reading well and with total understanding than a nine card reading which leaves you confused.
You can find a layout that is already used. Many, many readers use the Celtic Cross.The important thing is, if you use one of these readings make sure the card placements speak to you.

Reading is like telling a story which is why I have had you walking and talking journeys. One card flows into the next. This is why we need to know how the reading is moving: from one card placement to the next card.

You may though have times when readings make no sense. Allow yourself time to see what the Tarot is trying to say.
In these situations you can pull extra cards to clarify the card you can’t comprehend. Be very clear what that card is about.
You can leave the reading sitting and come back and relook at it.

Or just pack up your cards and release the meaning to the universe. It may come back to you via some other medium, for example a dream.

The Magic of Tarot -Beginning to read is available on this site at My Products The cost of this book is $12.

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