As I looked through this deck upon arrival I had so many WOW moments. The incredible imagery grabbed me immediately and enticed me to respond. This is not a deck that just flips by. These powerful images say: “Look into me”. So I was excited and wanted to read this deck, it called to me to work within it, it spoke to me so I would write about it.


In saying this, it is not a hard deck to read, in fact it is so readable you feel like you are already in the story as soon as you open it. It is based on Waite-Rider and not unlike the amazing Illumanti deck of 2013, it has created such a vibrant, alluring world of images that portray this Waite-Rider journey of the Tarot. Unlike the Illumanti, there is a greater depth that calls to the magicians of tarot, the magical symbols are there, the temples are built and journey winds ever more deeply.


The Major Arcana is a wonder, the artwork here is so varied. The real portrait type image of the Magician whose strength and wisdom is an older magician than we are used to, and this realism, portrait concept is also contained in the haunting image of the Hermit.

There is a circus quality to the Fool, the Wheel, the Hanging Man and the World whilst the Sun gives a “Planets of the Spheres” dance and the Tower takes us into an alien concept. So much to engage our imaginations in this part of the deck


The strength of engagement is not lost in any section of the deck. The minor arcana are also brilliant. The Wands obviously full of fire and magic invite us to create, whilst the swords are so original in the ethereal, moody and somber quality. We work through our pain in them. The pentacles in green take us back to the portrait type art and the realism of the physical world, approaches. The Cups I felt let down by whilst the images were pretty, I didn’t feel deeply. It was a ‘frilly’ almost superficial aspect to the suit.


The Court cards hold the consistency within the deck. The pages, all beautiful young portraits, although on the pentacles a young female image appears, which seems slightly incongruent. The Knights are symbolized by helmets, The Queens are extraordinary and the Queen of Wands image is used in the 2015 marketing for the deck, whilst the Kings withdraw into their settings, we are kept at a slight distance to them.


The book accompanying the deck I find uninspiring. The title: Gateway to the Divine Tarot is fantastic and aligns with the mysteries of the deck but upon opening it: there are ten chapters of a story which is a mixture of fantasy and Tarot development story. The interpretations of the cards are given from different perspectives from Tarot professionals; I like the concept but don’t feel to read it.


This is a powerful and very masculine deck. Its dominant imagery seems to demand attention, forcefully portraying its message. It allures us to experiment with the deck and because it is so Waite-Rider based we can operate it very quickly however the journey we travel is a far-cry from Waite –Rider. Ciro Marchetti has maintained a strength of imagery right across the three sections of Tarot. I am very impressed by this deck .

©Lyndall McQuinn






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