Individual courses

These days it is quite difficult to run an ongoing course for groups of people. To counteract this in 2010 I ran individual courses in Shamanic Astrology and Shamanism. These sessions were so rewarding for me as the guide as it let each person journey at their own pace in their own direction. I thank all those who participated in sharing their journeys with me. I regard this as precious time spent. I will run these sessions again next year.


1.Understanding your Spirit Source.
2.The Watcher: learning to be still, listen and see.
Why and how do situations present
3.The Protector :learning to deal with negativity.
4.The Creator: creating your sacred space and your own visions
5.Grounding: connecting to the Earth
6.Journeying:between the worlds
7.Ceremony and ritual


1. Alignment to source, inner sanctuary, and the worlds
2. Lower World
3. Middle world
4. Upper world
5. Shamanic dreaming
6. Dream weaving
7. Ceremony and ritual.

For details contact Lyndall McQuinn 0428425923

1. Astrology Wheel as a Ritual Wheel-
This workshop introduces the concept of the Magicians Seat and the signs as pure energetic form made up of element and mode. We will explore the four major angles of the chart to discover your own personal ritual wheel.

2. Earth Walks
Explores the Sun Sign through the concept of what is my purpose?
The polarity of the Sun Sign illuminates our shadow self. We will explore the walk of self and purpose to the opposing side of the wheel; our shadow.

3. Trilogy of spirit/mind.
In Astrology the Sun, Mercury and Venus journey closely together.
Taking the seat of each of these three placements we learn to distinguish the relationship within of purpose, mind and desire.

4. Core Trilogy
Sun Moon Ascendant . The heart of the being and how it responds emotionally and what we allow others to see. Knowledge gained from this workshop is profound with regarded to self and relating to others.

5..Duality of Love and Achievement
Venus and Mars explain to us how our desire nature is functioning and how we manifest our desires into actions. This workshop explores sexuality, anger, jealousy and what success is to us.

6. Puppet of the Personal Planets
We have made a journey through the personal planets. We now can walk our whole personal structure. We begin to understand the concept of circuits and how they are programmed within the chart.

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