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Life can be a balance between being centered and being bombarded by the shadows often presented to us by projections in our interactions. We are all coming at each other with facades based on the images we want others to see and the aspects of ourselves we think we have to hide. We spend our lifetime creating images of who we think we have to be, as opposed to being clear and contented with who we are.

The trilogy I am writing on today is about the trilogy we build within ourselves; the images we work with to create us.

Firstly there is the image of who we aspire to be. The best we think we can become or the connection to the ideals of other that we would love to emulate be they true to us or not. In other words what we perceive to be cool and wish we were like. Often we scrutinize groups within society to see if that is where the tribe sits. These aspirations that we hook onto another who we think has it all; are symbolic of the goals and the ideals we want to create. The more aligned to our truth these ideals become the clearer this image reflects.

The second image is the one that houses the parts of us that we censor. They may be censored because we have had a particular interaction with someone who doesn’t like us for a particular reason or who doesn’t like an aspect of us. If we give our power over to them we begin to hide that trait in us. Sometimes our hidden pieces can be from our childhood where our family has censored aspects of our behaviour. In fact most parenting is about moulding into shape the images they want for their offspring.

These aspects can become so hidden that we forget they even existed; we do such a great job of hiding them we too leave them lurking in the shadows. The behavior that we think of as bad and maybe it is inappropriate is placed underground.

Our third image is the one we hold of us in everyday life. Just doing our day. And this one has a combination of both. “I am not where I aspire to be but I’m definitely not showing my shadow.” This one is in the now and although most of the time we are in control of it and maybe it’s a little mundane but it does have those moments when it cracks and something surfaces that makes you cringe and think holy fuck was that me that burst through there.

Then along come the others. All the ones we attract into our lives to play out with our images. The conversations or accusations others present are coming out of their facades, built upon their system of projection. They are performing just like us and there is a two-way duality happening between all three-image spaces.

How intense is this, no wonder we don’t relax and have so much stress.

It is great to listen to the words of others but if you can’t relate to them then they are not your issues; they are telling us how they see the world. We don’t have to buy into it. Often we become offended or try to change because of how someone else has seen us but that is conforming to his or her images or projections of who they think we are. We may not even be close to their view.

The important thing is to listen to the words that come out of your mouth because that is built on your projections and often what we can’t see in ourselves will be bounced back at us by the other. This can be a harsh reality to work with because it means we have to be prepared to own our projections. Often portrayed via our words.

Others are our reflections; mirrors for us to piece back the mirrors of our own essence. When we love someone we can see us in them but the pieces of us that we haven’t owned. We need their beauty to recognise our own. On the negative we may need the difficult interactions with others to see what we have hidden. They challenge us to rethink and relook at our actions and the words we speak and our motivations to be clear about what messages we are sending out to the universe.

It takes time to balance these three phases of our being. We often enjoy the projection forward to the aspiration of who we would like to be and envisioning the wonders of how that will unfold. The difficult shadowy interactions hold us up because they need us to do some awareness work. If we refuse to do it we can just keep on bringing in the same old structures to undo over and over again.

The everyday us, trying to be in the now is a balance between the two. Sometimes we are weighted more one way than the other.

Lyndall McQuinn 2017.


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