The mind is like a labyrinth of passageways, full of feelings, thoughts, images and realities. At any time a doorway can open and we are pushed out of it. The secret to sanity is being able to stay in contact with the agreed reality whilst we traverse in many other passageways.

Lyndall Mcquinn has spent many years studying Psychic healing techniques. Her interest in the healing arts lies in mental illness or healing the afflictions of the mind.

Lyndall believes we all live in an agreed reality. The agreed reality holds concepts that communities adhere to, the laws, and perceptions that are allowed and discussed, deemed common to every one. This agreed reality has hard and fast rules which we are expected to live by.

However there are many other realities which are just as common to humanity but they are kept silent. The areas of life we don’t discuss and often get lost in.

Death is one of these. The agreed reality knows we die, we have a passing ceremony. Those left behind grieve. Yet every person I have discussed the passing of a loved with talks of the knowledge of the presence of the deceased and the varying ways we can communicate with them. This is an aspect of an unagreed reality.

Love affairs are absolute taboo in the agreed reality. Yet in the realm of the unagreed reality everyone attracts to other people no matter how committed they are to someone. Not everyone does take up the attraction but the attraction still exists. We just don’t discuss it.

No one really wants to be involved in love affairs They are very painful situations yet they occur and the weavings of them are truly enchanting.

In Lyndall’s healing work she lets go of the need to place categories around people. Every person has an individual set of circumstances to unravel. Start with the present and move forward through the process to becoming well.

Blessed be
Lyndall McQuinn.

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