Healing Tools

Lyndall’s tools

Astrology help her locate the type of energy present within a situation and the possible duration of the process. It also tells us how the individual is using their energy circuits and how that circuit may be reformed.

Tarot gives a strategy of how to move forward. Lyndall designs readings for steps that needed. The type of practitioners required and looking for underlying causes

Energetic Healing works with the energy field itself. We all have the awareness that our energy fields reach far beyond our physical bodies. This energetic pattern is held together on the body in two places. One is situated at the Crown of the head and the other at the feet. The main energy channel running down the middle of the body connects the two holding centres.

It is a wise practice to keep this pattern balanced each day when you get out of bed. So often we forget the pattern below our feet which roots us to the Earth we are walking on. The base point, which is diamond in shape, asks us to take responsibility for what we have come here to learn.

Meditation gives us the peace of mind and insight to high-light what is uncomfortable.

Ritual is a step towards manifestation of health. It indicates taking the responsibility to bring back a balance to our life.

Blessed be
Lyndall McQuinn.

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