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Finding the Healer Within

Finding the Healer Within

June 23 2019

This workshop Daylesford on June 23 2019 and in Sydney on July 14 at Awareness Institute St Leonards.

The workshop will begin by focussing on Chiron in the natal chart. This is a Shamanic Astrology workshop so the participants will be working experientially inside the energy of the natal chart.

Part 2 looks at the temple of Chiron. We will visit this temple via meditation and visioning to identify the gifts you have that offer healing.

Part 3 discusses what the energetic pattern actually is and how we can use it in our healing patterns.

Part 4 introduces the use of the healer’s vision. How we can add our vision to our healing techniques.

If you are interested in participating in this day long workshop, please contact Lyndall McQuinn on 04284225923.

Places are limited.

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