EVERYDAY WITCH- A tarot review by Lyndall McQuinn

Tarot Review.

Everyday Witch Tarot By Deborah Blake

Art by Elisabeth Alba.


Looking for a companion to guide your daily world with a youthful eager to learn witch and an equally alert and responsive cat: then pick up the Everyday Witch Tarot. It is a delight.

When I’m working with this deck I tend to feel like there is a central character and as we explore the minor arcana we are participating in her life as she learns the concepts held in each card. Her ever faithful and expressive cat adds an emotional profundity to the story.

The suit of wands takes us into the social whirl of our friend’s life. We meet many others and their cats as we join in the many practices the wands are trying to teach us. The cards indicate when the lessons may have a difficulty and always there is an element of surprise to the outcome of the tasks. This allows the reader to participate and join with the card, eliminating any distance from the images. The wand court feels like we have mastered the cards from ace to ten and now we are moving out to conquer the dragon of creativity.

The suit of the swords adds a sense of fear and thoughtfulness. Sometime alone, sometimes with others; the sense of having to think things through and arrange the thought process echoes through the images. Progress is slower than the wands and perhaps not as inspiring but I adore the urgent moving on portrayed in six of swords. This artwork conveys feeling. In this suit also the court makes us feel we have accomplished and are ready for a more mature approach to life.

The cups are very involved in love and relationship. Early in this suit I feel the characters are older than the youthfulness of the other suits. The two of cups lovers is not our character; it could be mum with a new partner or our big sibling falling in love. The three of cups gives us the maid, mother and crone so indicating relationships with all women and the four of cups has a older male needing support. We lose our jolly teen until five cups and then she’s back grappling with the emotions of love, not just of lovers but family relationships and creating family with the advent of children. This is a very interesting approach to the cups. It gives the reader ideas of how to deal with rocky emotional territory as she meditates by the sea in the nine of cups. The court tends to represent the digesting of concepts of emotions throughout life transitions. A very clever cups arcana which allows the images to represent our complex world of relating.

Our pentacles are busy in the world of learning and doing within the society. Again we share with others in the things we are creating in the world. Practical and experimenting with what we have learned is depicted in this suit. This court is more grown up and has a sense of making our way out to the world.

Reading this minor arcana is a great reflection of life from the perspective of youth who are inspired and learning. They are bright and alert and have wonderful costumes and diverse social groups. The court cards represent the completion of the lessons of the minor arcana and indicate a stepping toward adulthood and an indication of finding a place in life’s pathways. I find the whole minor arcana very uplifting. The animal world is a part of their everyday world.


The Major Arcana is also delightful. Still with a central character we as the reader feel we have a companion whilst we traverse life’s major’s trials. The art has an emphasis on we are learning, we are trying to master concepts within our reach but with no pressure or fear or idea that it is unreachable. The wonderful meditation class of the Heirphant, the yoga pose of Temperance and the red sidecar motorcycle of the Chariot bring a modernity into the deck that we can all relate too. The role of the cat is my favourite right throughout the deck. From its tapping the runes in the High Priestess, to its reflection in the Moon’s pool as a black leopard; the cat becomes like a “Where’s Wally” figure.

Absolute joy this deck brings to me. I smile the whole time I am working with it. Yes it is a young deck and I certainly would hand it on to any young reader but as an older reader I love its wisdom of the process of life and how it urges us to embrace the learning of the witches world with glee. It gives us tools and techniques to equip ourselves for life.

The artwork is so enlivening; gorgeous costumes and wonderful expression with such a welcoming appeal. The book by Deborah Blake is a great accompaniment with lots of room to record your meanings for each card as you study. It is a deck that encourages you to study.


Many thanks to its creators and Blessed Be to all good witches who pick it up.


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