Combining Druid Craft Tarot and the Merlin Mirror Spread

Combining Druid Craft Tarot and Merlin’s Mirror Spread.
The Druid Craft Tarot is a wonderfully brilliant tarot deck. The imagery is so expressive and vivid, that its characterization reaches into the heart of its user and evokes memories and accesses states of the inner world that need to be worked on. This deck is utter joy and wisdom in one package. I honour the beautiful artwork of Will Worthington.[1]
Combine this with the wonderful journey of the Hallowquest  by Caitlin and John Mathews and heaven you enter. In the Hallowquest, a body of work to be studied within a year, far too short for what it offers, as I believe there are years of work and knowledge to be gained from the Hallowquest. The spread that I have concentrated my practice with the Druid Craft Tarot is Merlin’s Mirror.[2]
Firstly let me deepen my thoughts on the Druid Craft Tarot. This tarot steps into the world of shamanism and druidry taking the user through the three initiations of Druidry .  In this deck we can work with first seven major cards through the initiation of development of self awareness and the building of our character to work in the spirit form. This is the realm of the middle world that we all exist in and need to learn to master in preparation for our spiritual way.
The second seven major cards lead us into the shamanic underworld. These cards give us strong power animals to work with alongside the incredible characters who become our inner mentors. These cards lead us through the darkest paths of the major arcane opening us to our inner wisdom.
The last seven cards lead us to the upper world and the knowledge that this contains.  The third level of the major arcane according to the Druid Craft Tarot represents the path to illumination, our search for enlightenment.
The fool, of course, is us as the one who journeys and can step off into any one of these worlds. This work is backed by the great writing of Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm who created the whole concept of using the major arcane in this way.
To work with the Tarot as a journey through the three degrees of initiation thrilled me. It bought together my love of shamanism and tarot. This concept allows the tarot deck to become a tool of study.  Begin at the fool and follow, daily/ weekly/monthly, each step of the journey. In your personal readings you can view where you are in these three stages and question whether to press on or to review concepts you already have interpreted.
As I was enjoying the freshness of thinking that the Druid Craft Tarot had brought to my reading, I discovered the reading layout of Merlin’s Mirror. The concept of Merlin totally works with this deck.  This layout contains thirteen cards, however it was the way it was set out that I loved.
The first four placements, on the left hand wing of the reading are about what you are putting out to the world. They represent the illusionary aspect of self, even if we don’t accept we are in illusion. They are about presenting our mask and what we think we gain by this. I was fascinated by the cards I got in this part of the reading. Often the things I was doing would show up here which would make me question why was I doing these things? They felt very important to do but when looking underneath through these four cards I would often think; is this what I want? They represented a very poignant reflection into my actions and what lay underneath them.
The next four cards across on the right hand wing of the reading were more about what you actually want and why we may not be creating these desires. They are like the reality check and review of your actions. They are more grounded than the first four cards and give us more possibilities of finding a clearer pathway for our actions.
The five cards up the centre of the reading take us back into our long term concepts and goals and remind us of the overview of our life. The two wings of this reading ask us to deal with the here and now of what we are creating but these five say ; drawback, the journey is bigger than today or tomorrow. Now what are the plans? Who are you, what do you believe in? And if all this becomes too overwhelming the delightful thirteenth card says the next step. It brings us back to the moment of stepping.
What a great layout. Thank you Merlin for the loan of a mirror.
The Druid Craft imagery is so vibrant and clear for this reading. Its strong characterisation really lets one see the illusion of the left wing and the grounded element of the right wing and the clear pathway that leads up through the centre of the reading.  In a reading which deals so specifically with the different aspects of self and where that self is at present, and where it may want to go, the Druid Craft images give clear message, clear icons to illustrate the  meaning and beautiful  impressions to reflect and hold in our inner space.

[1] Druidcraft Tarot by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm St Martins Press 2004
[2] Merlins Mirror Spread p 294  Hallowquest  by Caitlin and John Mathews  Thorsons 1997
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