ASTROLOGICAL CIRCUITS. This book is my sister book to The Personal Planets. Once we have a thorough knowledge of how the personal planets function in our charts we can then study the impact of the outer planets on their energetic flow. The outer planets open three areas of study. The outer planets in a natal […]

The Magic of Tarot

THE MAGIC OF TAROT-Beginning to Read. by Lyndall McQuinn Lyndall has just completed her book on Tarot. This book is about learning to read Tarot . It is based on a seven unit course which Lyndall teaches and is a step by step approach to reading Tarot. FROM MAGIC OF TAROT -BEGINNING TO READ, In […]

Personal Planets

The Personal Planets is now available from this website. $20 Australian dollars online In The Personal Planets I have reopened the possibility of understanding how the Personal Planets make up our basic personality imprint. I often think our knowledge of this part of Astrology is skipped over too quickly. These planets give us the basic […]

Table of Contents Personal Planets

UNIT 1: The Zodiac As an Energy Matrix The zodiac signs are the veils through which we express our energy. They are the basic structures of astrological energy and how it moves towards manifestation. A true magician stands in the middle of this matrix and directs the energetic flow applicable to any given situation. UNIT […]

The Lunar Cycles

The Lunar Cycles is a 15 page document which outlines techniques for The Lunation Cycle and associated Goddesses. Differing ways to work with the Dark Moon, and Full Moon. Techniques of Ascending and Descending. Creating Lunar Journals. The Lunar Cycle in the Astrology Chart. Ritualising the Lunar Cycle. Personal Lunar Cycle. Working monthly with the […]

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