OCT 6TH  MERLINS MIRROR From the brilliant work of John and Caitlin Mathews Hallowquest comes the Tarot spread of Merlins Mirror.   This workshop will explore the placements within this extremely enlightening spread which focuses on personal direction. I am so enjoying this spread. I find its depth empowering. I love the way it is […]

Tarot Article

Tarot as my Companion  : Beginning to Read There is no greater friend to rely on than your trusted decks of Tarot Cards. In its beautiful imagery, as defined by the artist, Tarot reflects to us the state of our inner being. The Tarot if instructed clearly will always tell us the truth. This truth […]

Tarot Classes

Sharing my joy and love of the Tarot is a favourite pastime. I have taught Tarot over many years. My classes are informal, floor based and full of playing with ideas. During my classes I have come to notice there are three ways of exploring Tarot. The Traditional Approach of Tarot coupled with reading in […]


Lyndall reads Tarot in Daylesford, Melbourne. Rather than view Tarot Cards from the perspective of ‘this is the outcome’, I view them from the perspective of ‘what do we want to create as the outcome and how can we do this’ Cards have been with me since my childhood. A small pack of playing cards […]

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