The Crosses in the Chart

The Crosses in the Chart. There are three crosses in the astrology chart. The cardinal, fixed and mutable crosses. CARDINAL CROSS. In the Astrological model the Cardinal Cross relates to houses one, four, seven and ten. These doorways are based on the Solstices and Equinoxes and are termed the Angular Houses. Aries doorway at March […]


Ritual brings consciousness to the way we live, think and feel. It is within ritual that we begin to state to ourselves where we need to make change and how we plan to do that. We can participate in ritual in many ways. Also see Working Ritual within the Astrology Wheel * We can reproduce […]

Working Ritual within the Astrology Wheel

The Astrology Wheel creates for us our own personal ritual circle. This circle is determined by our moment of birth. The signs on the MC, IC, ASC and DSC are our compass points of North South, East and West. Cast a circle around yourself standing in the centre of your chart. This position I call […]

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