Review of Lyndalls Talk at AANSW Nov 2014

Orbits Newsletter – December 2014 At the AANSW meeting on 8th November, our speaker was experienced Victorian astrologer, teacher and author, Lyndall McQuinn who presented an “Introduction to Shamanic Astrology”. Lyndall began by explaining she’d always focused on the centre of the chart, so the concept of Shamanic Astrology had been with her from the […]

Review Tarot of the Hidden Realm

TAROT OF THE HIDDEN REALM USA 2013 ILLUSTRATED BY JULIA JEFFREY JOURNEY INTO THE HIDDEN REALM- BARBARA MOORE. Be drawn into the rustic forests of old England, where dwell the pagan folk of faerie. So dense are these woods we can almost smell the pungent odors of woodland life. From the treetops to the stone […]

Tarot of the Sweet Twilight.

TAROT OF THE SWEET TWILIGHT- ITALY 2009 Artwork by Cristina Benintende All rights reserved Lo Scarabeo Italy. Beautiful colours set in the twilight zone, somewhere between daylight and dark, each card bordered in indigo, images of oranges , greens, blues and reds, an assortment of characters parade throughout the Tarot sections. These characters are individualistic, […]


SHINING ANGELS TAROT – ITALY 2009 by Guidetta Dembach Artwork  by Frederico Penco This deck is certainly the who’s who of the angelic realm. So for a study in the angels themselves this deck is worth pursuing. I would use this deck in the study of the any magical system where the angelic world functions […]

Tarot of Atlantis- 2004 Italy

    The Tarot of Atlantis 2004 is a first I believe in its depiction of a pre Plato mythological time; it is a historical deck. There is much discussion about the reality of Atlantis but in spite of this, the myths and stories are always centered in the Mediterranean precinct. The myth also belongs […]

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