EVERYDAY WITCH- A tarot review by Lyndall McQuinn

Tarot Review. Everyday Witch Tarot By Deborah Blake Art by Elisabeth Alba.   Looking for a companion to guide your daily world with a youthful eager to learn witch and an equally alert and responsive cat: then pick up the Everyday Witch Tarot. It is a delight. When I’m working with this deck I tend […]

Art of Life Tarot review

ART OF LIFE TAROT. BY CHARLENE LIVINGSTON. I am really loving the Art of Life Tarot deck ; it is beautifully created with each card depicting a work of art by renowned artist. Each verses are  wisdoms by a famous authors or philosophers and yet it maintains the structure of the Tarot. I love the […]


LEGACY OF THE DIVINE TAROT-    CIRO MARCHETTI -2009 As I looked through this deck upon arrival I had so many WOW moments. The incredible imagery grabbed me immediately and enticed me to respond. This is not a deck that just flips by. These powerful images say: “Look into me”. So I was excited and […]


    Artwork by Anna Lazzarini Deck by Ricardo Minetti Lo Scarabeo 2006   Wow what a refreshing deck the Manga Tarot is. With its gender reversal, Japanese symbols of the seasons and beautiful oriental imagery this deck entices the reader to investigate. Even though some of its changes are avenues to explore it reads […]

The Spirit of the Flowers -tarot review

The Spirit of the Flowers Tarot. Created by Laura Tuan Artwork by Antonella Cartelli Italy 2009 When I first began playing with this deck I was struck by the cute fairy characters in alluring gardens amongst an array of exotic flowers. I considered it to be a deck that would be hard to read as […]

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