Lyndall books on Shamanic Astrology and new Tarot Decks.

Lyndall books on Shamanic Astrology and new Tarot Decks.

Lyndall has lots of new Tarot decks for Christmas. The beautiful Tarot Illumanti, Tarot by Nicoletta Ceccoli and the latest tarot by Lo Scarabeo, the Barbieri. Tarots I am loving at present are the Manga Tarot, Casanova Tarot, a raunchy deck set in Venice and the Universal Fantasy Tarot.


  The Ancestor from the Wildwood  Tarot artwork  by Will Worthington. I love every one of Will Worthington’s decks. They speak so loudly to the reader. My new Tarot decks are arriving for Christmas. I have more copies of the Wildwood Tarot, a beautiful Shamanic deck with incredibly powerful images for us to work with. This deck […]

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All Lyndall’s publications are for sale as downloads on page entitled Lyndall’s  Publications Astrological Circuits Empowering Elements – Wisdom Within Wheels The Personal Planets. A Shamanic Astrology Workbook The Lunar Cycles. The Magic of Tarot- Beginning to Read. TAROT CARDS IN STOCK Motherpeace Tarot Illuminait Wildwood Tarot Wizard’s Tarot Tarot of the Heart Tarot of Atlantic […]


I have gift vouchers available if you would like to give your friend a reading for Christmas. I have also just got in two beautiful new Tarot decks : Mystic Dreamer Tarot- and book The Dreamers Journal. Focuses on both night dreams and future dreaming. Another great text by Barbara Moore and illustrated by Heidi […]

new tarot decks

I have just purchased two new tarot decks. One is the Arthurain deck and the other is the Mystic Faerie Tarot  THE ARTHURIAN TAROT – ENGLAND 1990 Designed by Caitlin and John Matthews Illustrated by Miranda Gray This is another deck created by masters. Caitlin and John Matthews have studied, taught and written about British […]

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