Summer Astrology 2017

SUMMER ASTROLOGY 2016/2017 Capricorn is a little lost in setting boundaries this summer. Having the deep conversations with people that could have been had many years ago make for clearer relating. Steamroller over the top tactics wont work this time and probably you are tired of that anyway. Yes relationships are important and you are […]


Virgo Virgo dark moon on the very 1st of September with an eclipse and Mercury retrograde marks a Spring entry with a difference. Virgo affects the earth, our food and health so maybe our resolve for Spring is fitness, foodand a health perspective. Mercury stopped on 29 degrees Virgo, and after a brief dance with […]

Winter Astrology 2016

Winter Astrology 2016

Winter begins with a T Square in the mutable signs. The make-up of this square is Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces. This means all these planets are affecting each other and causing chaos and mayhem in the stories of our lives. This is a time when the bizarre and unlikely […]


AUTUMN ASTROLOGY 2016 Autumn begins with an intense month of March, culminating with an eclipse on the full moon at the start of Aries. Feisty would be my word for March. Expect fast changes to structures that appear great but come from intense power-plays lying underneath; the ramifications of which ripple throughout all autumn. Virgo […]

Summer Astrology  2015/2016

Summer Astrology 2015/2016

SUMMER ASTROLOGY 2015/2016. Fire, Earth and Water are dominant this summer. Not much of an air influence until the personal planets Mercury, Venus and the Sun move into Aquarius at summer’s end. The full moons are also in water, fire and earth, all exact on 3° strengthening our elemental imbalance and illuminating planets on 3°. […]

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