Shaman Course 1

Shaman Course 1 – Outline Class 1: Experiencing the Divine. What do you believe? Finding Source Importance of symbol, word and movement. Class 2: Appreciation of Life True nature of soul- talents, gifts Finding meaning and passion Class 3: Dealing with negativity. Receiving love and healing Receiving blessings from the divine Class 4: Creating sacred […]

Shamanic Astrology Course

Shamanic Astrology – Course Outline Class 1: Using the Astrology Wheel as a Ritual Wheel. Identifying directions Working with the angles of the chart Learning how to use the elements and modes of your personal wheel Class 2: Sun as an Earth Walk Looking at the six Earth Walks of Astrology Creating ritual and altars […]

Shamanism Inner Terrain Course

Shamanism – Getting to know the Inner Terrain Class 1: Alignment To energy source Review shamanism and intention To situations you choose to interact with Class 2: Journeying Develop the ability to see Introduction to the three worlds  –  lower, middle and upper Establish inner sanctuary Class 3: Journeying – lower world Exploring lower world […]

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