ASTROLOGICAL WICCA. Six Sessions: Session 1.   Ritual Lunar and  8 sabbats.  Full and Dark Moons. Pentagrams- invoking and banishing. Working the Lunar Cycle. Session 2. Lunar Cycle in Astrology Chart. Moon through the houses.Personal Full and Dark Moons. Session 3. Working ritual in the Astrology Wheel. Casting directions. Angles of chart. Session 4. Cardinal Rituals. Solstices and Equinoxes. Session 5. Fixed […]

Astrological Temples

SHAMANIC ASTROLOGY  ASTROLOGICAL TEMPLES. Meditation sojourn into your astrology chart. The following four meditations introduce the four inner dimensions of the outer planets. The aim is to build our own inner temples; places inside ourselves where we can dwell at any time. The four outer planets are Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. These four have […]


New Course: Tarot Quest is a four part journey which takes the Tarot Seeker to the heart of self to open the creator and become the dreamer. This journey examines and uses four differing Tarot Spreads to unfold a process of creating. From self to creation. It begins with Merlin’s Mirror from the Hallowquest. This […]

Individual courses

These days it is quite difficult to run an ongoing course for groups of people. To counteract this in 2010 I ran individual courses in Shamanic Astrology and Shamanism. These sessions were so rewarding for me as the guide as it let each person journey at their own pace in their own direction. I thank […]

Shaman Course 1

Shaman Course 1 – Outline Class 1: Experiencing the Divine. What do you believe? Finding Source Importance of symbol, word and movement. Class 2: Appreciation of Life True nature of soul- talents, gifts Finding meaning and passion Class 3: Dealing with negativity. Receiving love and healing Receiving blessings from the divine Class 4: Creating sacred […]

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