Finding the Healer Within

Finding the Healer Within

June 23 2019 This workshop Daylesford on June 23 2019 and in Sydney on July 14 at Awareness Institute St Leonards. The workshop will begin by focussing on Chiron in the natal chart. This is a Shamanic Astrology workshop so the participants will be working experientially inside the energy of the natal chart. Part 2 […]


    ASTROLOGICAL WICCA. 2018   Class 1: Using the Astrology Wheel as a Ritual Wheel. Identifying directions Working with the angles of the chart Learning how to use the elements and modes of your personal wheel Class 2: Sun as an Earth Walk Looking at the six Earth Walks of Astrology Creating ritual and […]

Shamanic Astrology Course outline

  SHAMANIC ASTROLOGY. Shamanic Astrology is a six week intensive program studying the movement of the energies inside your birth chart. This work is experiential and may not run to the program below. Session 1: This program begins with entering the astrology wheel via the angles. Session 2: Looks at the role of the Sun […]

Building your Spirit Lodge

Building your Spirit Lodge with Lyndall McQuinn Building your Spirit Lodge is a new intensive course running over four sessions with Lyndall McQuinn. In these four sessions Lyndall will use four differing practices to help build your awareness of yourself and what motivates you. These sessions are run individually over an hour. There is a […]

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