shamanic astrology

When I first saw an astrology chart my hand automatically hovered over the centre of the wheel. I could feel the energetic vibration of the pattern reflected in the chart. This centre of the wheel has become the point I call the Magicians Seat. Astrology is geocentric. From our birth charts we look out into […]

The Lunar Cycles

The Lunar Cycles is a 22 page document that explains how the Lunar Cycles operate. It offers techniques on how to work with these cycles month by month. This document identifies the difference between working with the energy of the Dark Moon and the Full Moon. It offers ritual ideas for both phases. Then Lyndall […]

shamanic astrology

SHAMANIC ASTROLOGY: Shamanic Astrology takes you into your natal chart to the centre of the wheel. This perspective I call the Magicians Seat. Being seated in the middle of the chart we can see the placements of our natal planets from a very different point of view.  Firstly we claim our wheel as our ritual […]

Shamanic Astrology

Shamanic Astrology is the union of shamanism and astrology. Shamanic astrology turns the astrology wheel into a wheel for ritual and magic. It is important to turn your attention to the centre of the Astrology Wheel and claim this space. I term this space the Magicians Seat. Most astrology views the astrology wheel from the […]

Working Ritual within the Astrology Wheel

The Astrology Wheel creates for us our own personal ritual circle. This circle is determined by our moment of birth. The signs on the MC, IC, ASC and DSC are our compass points of North South, East and West. Cast a circle around yourself standing in the centre of your chart. This position I call […]

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