Astrological Circuits

Astrological Circuits

Astrological Circuits contemplates the attributes of the Outer Planets from three perspectives. It begins with considering the vibrational effects of each planet concluding with a path working. I then discuss the circuit the planet is involved in, highlighting the whole integration of the planet in a pattern. The conclusion to this piece is identifying and […]

The Zodiac as an Energy Matrix

THE  ZODIAC AS AN ENERGY MATRIX.    There are twelve basic raw energies in the signs which make up the zodiac.  Each of which has an elemental flow and a mode or way the energy expresses.  There are four possible elements and three ways of movement. Thus 4 elements x 3 modes=12 basic sign structures. […]

shamanic astrology

When I first saw an astrology chart my hand automatically hovered over the centre of the wheel. I could feel the energetic vibration of the pattern reflected in the chart. This centre of the wheel has become the point I call the Magicians Seat. Astrology is geocentric. From our birth charts we look out into […]


MORE THAN ONE ZODIAC BY LYNDALL MCQUINN    The zodiac as we know it is a circle of constellations that encircle the Earth. They are located in a circle following the ecliptic path of the Sun across the heaven. If we journeyed out from Earth we would leave from the Equator and follow the zodiac signs […]

The Lunar Cycles

The Lunar Cycles is a 22 page document that explains how the Lunar Cycles operate. It offers techniques on how to work with these cycles month by month. This document identifies the difference between working with the energy of the Dark Moon and the Full Moon. It offers ritual ideas for both phases. Then Lyndall […]

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