Shamanic Astrology and the Outer Planets. South Melbourne  Community Centre Sept 16.   Over the past twenty -five years I have been developing a method of astrology that I have come to call Shamanic Astrology.Shamanic Astrology is a type of astro-therapy. This work is not about a one off astrology sessions; working with astrology […]

IN THINE OWN IMAGE . Shamanism blog by Lyndall McQuinn

IN THINE OWN IMAGE. Life can be a balance between being centered and being bombarded by the shadows often presented to us by projections in our interactions. We are all coming at each other with facades based on the images we want others to see and the aspects of ourselves we think we have to […]

Shamanic Astrology

  I found the Shamanic Astro Journey with Lyndall deeply transformative.  For 6 weeks Lyndall held the space as I journeyed through my natal chart. Her friendly face and caring nature allowed me to open up and explore the deep recesses of my psyche.  Every week we explored my chart, shining a light on the […]

Astrological Circuits

Astrological Circuits

Astrological Circuits contemplates the attributes of the Outer Planets from three perspectives. It begins with considering the vibrational effects of each planet concluding with a path working. I then discuss the circuit the planet is involved in, highlighting the whole integration of the planet in a pattern. The conclusion to this piece is identifying and […]

The Zodiac as an Energy Matrix

THE  ZODIAC AS AN ENERGY MATRIX.    There are twelve basic raw energies in the signs which make up the zodiac.  Each of which has an elemental flow and a mode or way the energy expresses.  There are four possible elements and three ways of movement. Thus 4 elements x 3 modes=12 basic sign structures. […]

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