Building your Inner Temples

Building your Inner Temple with Lyndall McQuinn

Building your Inner Temple is a new intensive course running over four sessions with Lyndall McQuinn.

In these four sessions Lyndall will use four differing practices to help build your awareness of yourself and what motivates you. These sessions are run individually over an hour.

There is a tendency to get preoccupied with direction. Where should I be going? This preoccupation stops us from focusing on the now: the place where we are at any given moment. We need to study the now: as it is from the now that we begin to create the direction.

The journey will begin with an Astrology reading. To cast the astrology chart you will need your date, time and place of birth. The information held within your astrology chart is the story of the journey with a focus on the now.

From studying the chart we will discover how you react and behave in your life

What are the indications of purposeful directions from the Sun sign, the angle of the MC and the lunar nodes.

And what influences and processing are happening at the moment and over the coming year. Understanding these cycles and their length allows us to relax and work in synchronicity with timing.

The second session will be a tarot session using the spread of Merlin’s Mirror. This spread breaks our reality up into three functioning parts. The first aspect discusses whom we are showing to the world at present. What is the current projection and why is it there?

The second part is about who we want to be so we become conscious of the ideals we are trying to manifest.

The final section of the reading looks at who is the real you; the soul aspect of yourself and want may be the truths underlying the other two projections.

This intense spread is a valuable tool as it highlights the many facets of how we view ourselves.

The third session is the beginning to learn how to vision. Shamanism always speaks to us about perspectives. Everything can be viewed from many and varied perspectives. The third session will begin the journey of the vision process that will be a guided meditation. In this session Lyndall will teach you how to create your inner sanctuary, the beginning point of many visions.

Finally the last session before you leave will be an analysis of your tools that you will be using to work from within yourself. Which modality do you work strongly and how will this be created and the possibility of the new ones you may begin to study. To determine these factors may require tarot, meditation or vision. This session will conclude with awareness of our acts of power.

Our acts of power fired from the now, determine the direction. An act of power is a focus and analyses of our intent. Motivation, truth of our source and action create the direction. We fire our arrows every single day from the state of our being. If we are aware of each arrow we have fired then we know the direction.

“What were you in a past life? Reply: Look who you are now.”

“What will I be in the next life? Reply: Look who you are now.” Quotes from Dali Lama

We are always so keen to give our power away and ask someone else to decide or tell us the direction but actually it is far more complex to take responsibility to empower your own direction. If we rely on the advice of the other, then we have someone to blame if all goes awry but if we rely on ourselves we only imbibe greater wisdom.

This intensive is designed to bring optimum awareness into the now, using tools that reflect the character, the energetic processes and attune to your own inner landscapes.

If you are interested in working with me on these journey’s contact me on 0428 425 923

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