Class 1: Using the Astrology Wheel as a Ritual Wheel.

  • Identifying directions
  • Working with the angles of the chart
  • Learning how to use the elements and modes of your personal wheel
  • Class 2: Sun as an Earth Walk
  • Looking at the six Earth Walks of Astrology
  • Creating ritual and altars for your Sun sign
  • Earth Walk ritual.


  • Class 3: Core Trilogy
  • The placements of the Sun, Moon and Asc
  • The energy flow of this trilogy
  • Setting the altars of the Sun, Moon and Asc trilogy
  • Class 4: Lunar astrology
  • Nature’s moons
  • Knowledge of the dark and full moon
  • Ascending ritual and descending ritual
  • Class 5: Lunar Astrology
  • Personal moons
  • Identifying full and dark phases
  • When are the strongest ritual times for you each year
  • Creating ritual.
  • Class 6: Natures Doorways.
  • Solstices and equinoxes- cardinal rituals
  • Wiccan festivals- fixed rituals
  • What happened to mutable rituals?
  • Class 7: Personal Doorways for rituals.
  • Looking at the year as a magical working energy picture
  • Deciding when are your best periods to work
  • Methods and altars you may prefer and journaling data

Blessed be Lyndall McQuinn

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