Astrological Temples



Meditation sojourn into your astrology chart. The following four meditations introduce the four inner dimensions of the outer planets. The aim is to build our own inner temples; places inside ourselves where we can dwell at any time.

The four outer planets are Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. These four have not been explored in the inner worlds. The planets from the Sun to Saturn are included in occult practices and texts. They are included in all correspondences and magical techniques. They have seals, have been used as talisman and associate to all cross over teachings. The relative newcomers don’t exist in the mystic texts.

 The Astrological Temples is a beginning of finding the inner role of these planets and how can they be included or extend these older teachings. The study of these outer planets has been very psychological. Pluto took us to the shadow and archetypal work of Jung, Freud and others, Uranus and Chiron have lived on in mythological studies and Neptune has evaded public scrutiny but been blatantly obvious in the media and celebrity fiascos.

 These meditations are experiential as it is the inner world itself that will create the information we seek. Astrology is a symbolic language that speaks from within; the energetic world will communicate in its own way to each of us personally.

 For me this work is a study to find how these energies link to the older occult systems like the Qabalah that have guided us for years. Are they a part of these systems or an extension? I feel this is just a beginning as the Kuiper Belt has opened Pandora’s Box introducing us to the astrology of the future. 

4 meditations – 4×1 session Skype /Daylesford    $200

                          – 2 day intensive Daylesford            $200.

 Blessed be

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