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Cards have been with me since my childhood.

A small pack of playing cards given to me by my grandmother marked the beginnings of a new game. I wove stories around the lives of my dolls and my friends according to the card that fell.

At age nineteen I was introduced to some beautifully painted cards, the Tarot cards. They intoxicated me. There began my study of the Tarot which has never ceased. Different decks telling different stories with a myriad of uses. http://lyndalltalkstarot.blogspot.com.au/2018/02/angelic-tarot.html

Astrology entered my life via the backdoor. In my late teens I met a womon who constantly talked to me about Astrology. It wasn’t until I had taken the first of my “self discovery” journeys that I became aware of how much information I had devoured. This journey to India, led me to the Tibetan centres in the Himalayas. I became fascinated by their teachings, rituals and temples. I spent months absorbing. When I re-emerged, so did Astrology, surprising me by how much knowledge I had gained and the funny way my hand vibrated over the wheel.

Another journey lead to another wheel. This time to America, where the teachings of the native peoples lead me to the concepts of the Earthly ways. I studied the land and its seasons, the importance of animals and what role ritual plays in this. Thus my knowledge of the heavens became united with the way of the Earth. As above, so below.

My next journey- another wheel in a way, was the pregnancies and births of my three children. By participating in these miracles, I touched the spirit of womon. Her wheel of life, from maid to mother, then onto crone and further still to ancestors, is a source of inspiration and wonder to me.

Since I have been offering my work, I have taught Astrology in a prison and from my own courses. I have presented both Astrology and Tarot via workshops, lectures, nationally and internationally, radio and by individual readings for over thirty years. I have used my tools to explore and try to understand the processes of being human in many facets of life.

Now I am in my cronehood I am writing my own wisdom that stems from my lifetime of love, wonder and exploration of the dark world called Psychic. I don’t believe in answers, there is always a new question, a new vision, a new pathway to explore.

I read cards in the spread of the wheel.

I read charts from the astrological wheel.

I try to live my life according to nature’s wheel.

I walk the path of the womyns wheel.

Blessed be
Lyndall McQuinn.

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