Shamanic Astrology Course outline



Shamanic Astrology is a six week intensive program studying the movement of the energies inside your birth chart. This work is experiential and may not run to the program below.

Session 1:

This program begins with entering the astrology wheel via the angles.

Session 2:

Looks at the role of the Sun sign and the circuits to other planets it makes.

Session 3:

Looks at the role of the Moon and the circuits to other planets its makes.

Session 4:

Studies the Sun, Mercury and Venus and the methods of operating within the wheel. Which of these is dominate in this important trilogy.

Session 5:

Looks at Venus and Mars and how we relate as lovers.

Session 6:

Puts the whole puppet of the personal planets together. How does this personal person operate and how have you conditioned the energy to run in patterns.

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