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Welcome to Labyrinth of Learnings – School of Magical Practices.

Lyndall McQuinn has spent her lifetime dedicated to the study of various occult practices. Now commencing her Crone years, she wishes to share these learnings and techniques with you. Lyndall shares her knowledge via personal readings, the books she has written and her courses.

Lyndall’s tools for guidance are :

Astrology shows us the energetic pattern we have chosen to live in. It delineates the cycles of our existence and guides us with the knowledge of time.

Tarot is a pictorial guide which doesn’t need words to relay situations. Potent Images draw out what is locked inside.

Energetic Healing allows us access to our energy patterns and gives us the opportunity to re-route blocked passages.

Meditation is taking the time to process. So often we just need time and space to let things unfold.

Ritual is the conscious acknowledgment of needing to make changes and directing what those changes may entail.

Lyndall reads in Melbourne

on every second  Wednesday   Botanical Art School 1a Shipley St South Yarra

for details 0428 425 923

Lyndall reads in Daylesford
39b Albert St Daylesford  0428 425 923

Lyndall is now on SKYPE- 0428 425 923 to book or email lyndallmcq@gmail.com

Lyndall reads on the phone. 0428 425 923  to establish time and landline.

All phone  readings  are pre paid thank you.

Courses and Workshops run over the year from the School.

As new Courses and Workshops become available, the dates, times and outlines are published on this website in courses.

I had the most incredible reading on Saturday with the Goddess of wisdom & wit. Thank you so much Lyndall Mcquinn – If anyone is feeling overwhelmed or thrown by circumstances… Or just wanting a better perspective – Lyndall is THE best Tarot & Astrology “untangler” I have EVER known & she does it with such clarity, compassion, honesty & humour. I am still digesting the abundance of good, sensible wisdom, her interpretations are just extraordinarily clarifying giving one a FAR better handle on which direction to move when things are tricky… or not. Huge love & appreciation. I am daily learning to honour my Goddess moon in Leo – I hate drama in my life, so I’ve neglected her. Anni Daylesford.

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